1. Payment methods are as follows.
  2. Payment methods are card payment(lump sum payment), Paypal and Link by Stripe.
  3. Once your order is completed, you cannot change your payment method.
  4. Please carefully check your contract status(limit amount, number of payments, card number, etc) before using.
The withdrawal date and contract payment frequency vary depending on the type of credit card and contract details, so please check with your credit card company for details.

Shipping & Handling
  1. For delivery within Malaysia, the shipping charge is a flat rate of 10.00 MYR per order.
  2. There are no additional shipping charges for Sabah & Sarawak areas.
  3. For shipping outside of Malaysia, shipping charges vary depending on the country, region and weight of the item being shipped.
Please note that shipping charges will be displayed at the time of purchase. In some areas, customs duties and taxes may be charged separately when the product arrives.

Confirmation of Order Details and Delivery Status
  1. For order details and purchase information, you can check the details in your email. We will sent out the details to your email.
  2. For delivery status, we will update the shipping & tracking number and sent to your email.
If you do not receive the item within a few days, please contact us using the inquiry form. Please include your order number when contacting us.

Return & Exchanges
  1. Under no circumstances can you cancel and order after it has been completed, except when a product different from the order arrives or the product is defective. In addition, we cannot accept any returns due to customer convenience.
  2. Please note that refunds will not be accepted in the case of returns without contacting us or in the case of returns or cancellations due to refusal to receive.
  3. If you receive a product that is different from what you ordered, or if there is a problem with the product, please contact is within 30 days of receiving the product. In this case we will bear the return shipping fee.
We will check the condition of the product and if we find any mistakes or defects, we will exchange the product if it is in stock or issue a refund if it is out of stock. Please note that even if the product is defective, we may refuse to exchange it if it cannot be judged as an 'unused product" according to our standards.